The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer – A MUST HAVE MIRACLE!!!!

I hesitated a long time before buying a concealer because I was someone who never had even a spot of darkness under my eye, right through ten years of late night shoots, harsh shooting lights and poor sleep! But, since the last few years, health issues and a truck load of medicines later, faint dark circles started to appear and I knew I had to cover them up. But which was the best one out there? And considering I travel a lot and presently located at a very humid place, I needed to prep my research a lot.

That was when, for the first time, I chanced upon a creamy concealer and not a liquid (for sure a liquid would run down my cheeks as I was applying it, considering where I currently live). And what better bran than Bobbi Brown? My all time favourite brand!!!

Though it was expensive, I didn’t flinch even for a second to buy it, because of the trust I have in the brand. The moment I put it on, my dark circles just seemed to vanish.

My dark circles are blue/green, and a little bit of this concealer comes a long way. Instant coverage and I just need to set it in place with a translucent powder and top it with my setting powder, and Voila! I am so sorted for the entire day!!!!! It doesn’t break out, doesn’t dry out my skin and it doesn’t even bleed! How awesome is that?

It’s in fact a lot more creamy than it appears. I always prep the skin around my eyes with a Bobbi Brown eye cream and then apply this creamy concealer. Just works wonders and cooks your skin as well. If any of you feel you need even more coverage, you can always top this with a liquid concealer and seal it in. But, honestly, I never felt the need for it.

And the best part is, it doesn’t irritate the skin or give out any rash or cause any dryness. You are still left with your soft skin by the end of the day. And this is one tiny product that will last you quite long, thanks to its creamy texture.

The product is also packaged in an extremely travel friendly box and size. You can just pop it into your handbag even when you step out daily. Doesn’t spill and doesn’t create a mess! So go ahead and buy it ladies!

It’s available online in India on Nykaa at INR 2700 and has 8 shades to choose from.

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