Pre – Diwali Beauty Tips….

It’s pre-Diwali time, which means it’s time for you to spend a little time making yourself look good. The excitement of the festival may not give you time to go out and spend long hours at a spa or salon. Hence, I am putting together a few simple tips that you can follow right from the comfort of your home and still look like a diva!

Tip #1 Cleansing

Leave your regular cleansing routine aside for a few days. As a Diwali special, swap your cleansing milk for rose water and honey. Apply a mix of turmeric and some milk to your face and wash off in 2 minutes to give your face that natural, golden glow.

Tip #2 Scrub

Gently massage your skin with an organic scrub and let the fresh skin lying hidden underneath come to the surface. Mild scrubs are safe and can be used 2-3 times a week depending on the need. This leaves your skin soft and supple. Something as simple as a mixture of oats and milk can be used to exfoliate your skin and the results are fantastic!

Tip #3 Face pack

Use a face pack to renew your facial skin. Fresh fruit facials are awesome and work wonders for your skin. Try banana and apple mashed and mixed with honey. Works wonders!

Tip #4 Hydrate your skin

After the face pack, refresh your face by rubbing in ice cubes gently. This helps in sealing in the moisture into your skin.

Tip #5 Hydrate from within

The biggest tip ever! Always drink plenty of water and limit the intake of fried and oily foods. The water will keep your skin fresh and give it a healthy glow. Nothing works greater wonders than this.

Tip #6 Oil-based moisturiser

Oil-based moisturisers are better than water-based ones as they retain moisture, and at the same time are not as heavy as creams. But, if you have an acne prone skin go in for water based moisturisers and if your have an oily skin, then go for ones that soak up the excess oil.

Tip #7 Choose the right make-up

Use waterproof mascara and eyeliners and kajals. Transfer-resist lipsticks are a must. This is to avoid smudging of the makeup and thus prevent unsightly stains. But, always remember to remove your make-up at night. Waterproof products are tough to remove and need little extra care. Use almond oil or coconut oil to remove eye make. It works wonders.

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