Coconut Oil….WOW!!!!!

I have been hearing mind boggling results of consuming extra virgin coconut oil on empty stomach from a lot of friends and I thought I must definitely give it a try. And I did!!!!!

You won’t believe what all amazing benefits it has…. well, only when consumed on an empty stomach, 1 large tbsp. Let’s find out what they are:-

1. Eating Coconut Oil Helps You Lose Weight…. Yessss… I experienced it right away!

2. It Increases Your Ability To Build Muscle… And this too….

3. Eating Coconut Oil Improves Digestion And Helps To Regulate Appetite…working on that!

4. It Can Prevent & Treat Urinary Tract Infections… a friend vouched for this.

5. Coconut Oil Kills Bacteria That Cause Bad Breath….read a lot about this.

6. Eating Coconut Oil Naturally Whitens Your Teeth…slow but started noticing

7. Coconut Oil Moisturizes & Nourishes Your Lips….advertisement lips!

8. It Can Help Prevent Insulin Resistance…that’s how my levels came down!

9. Coconut Oil Promotes Healthy Hormone Production

10. Eating Coconut Oil Makes Your Whole Body Smell Better….less sweat for sure.

11. It Can Help You Grow Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails….started to see a difference.

12. It Will Make Your Pet’s Coat Soft & Shiny!…. yet to try this out.

And combine this along with the benefits of Hydrogen Water from Dhamsons Group for a fit and healthy you!

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